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Even inanimate things—flutes or harps, for instance—when yielding a sound, if they make no distinction in the notes, how shall the tune which is played on the flute or the harp be known? (1 Cor. 14:7)

Ask yourself as you reflect today if you feel you are in harmony with your fellow man. Are there tensions in any of your relationships? Are the notes you give off in tune with the notes of others in your life?   We are all involved in making music every day. We do not have to be musicians in order to do this; we simply need to add our voices to those around us. Most of the time, we will blend in fairly well. From time to time, however, some discordance will occur. Some of us may like the dissonance we hear, but for the most part, we will wish to return to a harmonious state.

When a choir is singing, it only takes one person to be slightly sharp or flat and the music will not be fully in tune. When that happens, some adjustment needs to be made so that the tune we sing will be in harmony once again. The change may not be a large one, but it is crucial to the way our music sounds.

For our music to be heard and appreciated, we must get our voices to blend. We must all be “in tune.” When we are able to tune in to others, to truly hear their voices and want to harmonize with them, we can make beautiful music together.   If we are truly concerned about the discordance in our lives, we will pray for peace and harmony, and look for ways in which we might achieve this.

Taken from “Talks with our Creator” for September 21st

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