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I hate uncertainty.  I am happiest when I am clearly shown the path I need to take, but that so seldom seems to happen.  Perhaps it is more my fault than God’s, since I rarely take enough time in my day to practice God’s presence.  When I do, there seems to be far less uncertainty, and still I do not do it with any regularity.  I sometimes wonder if we humans actually enjoy being in pain on some level.

We have always had natural disasters and we will continue to have them — earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes — stuff like that.  But now we have man made disasters that seem to crop up with no warning and can happen anywhere.  If we leave the security of our own homes, we are putting ourselves at risk!


Anderson Gardens 09 017I have always been a bit afraid of flying since I was born in those past years when man rarely left the ground.  But these days?  Terrorists abound in airports, and planes.  But then, they can also be in restaurants, theaters, shopping centers, subways, and trains.  Is any place safe?

My personal belief is that our Creator meant for us to be happy, joyous, and free.  We can’t be that way if we are always afraid something bad will happen to us.  The vast majority of bad things we fear will never happen to us.  But we can’t really count on that with certainty, can we?

Do I want to be a hermit?  I’ve considered it.  After all, the confines of my brick house are relatively safe.   But is a safe life what I really want?  Isn’t there more to life than just staying safe?  I am just starting to cogitate on all these things, so I have yet to come to real conclusions, but I am thinking that perhaps if I truly trust God, than I can believe that nothing truly bad can happen to me.  If God is with me, am I not completely safe?  I need to do more thinking on this, but would appreciate any thoughts you who might read this might have.


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