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Thanksgiving 2013

How strange!  I find myself just as grateful this year as I was last year, which I take as a very good sign.  Perhaps I have finally reached the place where I more regularly see that glass as half full rather than half empty.  There is no doubt in my mind that having an attitude of gratitude can make a big difference in how we live.

Since what I wrote about for last Thanksgiving still holds true (why not take a minute and read it after you finish this) I thought I would talk about some of the things I am grateful for today.  My family will always top the list, as well as the friends who keep me on the straight and narrow.  For today, though, I am feeling lots of gratitude that all of the dead leaves that cluttered our yard have been bagged and hauled away.  We are not getting any younger, and each year this seems more difficult to accomplish.


ImageI am grateful for a sunny day and the reign of high pressure.  I may be especially sensitive to pressure, because I always feel so much better when the sun shines full out.  That extra pressure gives me energy, I suspect.  Just had an odd thought — perhaps I should look at the pressures life tosses at me in the same way.  I need them to energize my life.

I am grateful for all the crystals I hang in my windows so the sun can make rainbows (I seem to be back to the sun again, but then, where would we be without it.  I am grateful for mood changes, as I seem to be in a quirky kind of mood today.  I used to try to squash those feelings because I felt they made me an odd ball.  I am grateful that I have embraced my oddness.

My husband often tells people that he is grateful to be still “above ground.”  Lately I have been borrowing that phrase because as the years pass, we lessen the amount of time we can be there, so despite a few aches and pains, we should be grateful.  Nonetheless, I do not appreciate the thought of ever being “underground” so I think I will also be grateful that I am not just a body, but am spirit as well.  Indeed, I think I will be grateful this Thanksgiving for my everlasting spirit. (more…)

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